I help estranged moms of young adults heal and move forward with confidence.

Has your life been turned upside down? Do you wonder if you'll ever be alright again? I know it may seem impossible, but if I can, you can too.


In working with Jenn, it helped to realize that I and my husband were not alone. For whatever the cause of what we are going through, how we react to it affects our wellbeing. Jenn helps to guide us through our own actualization that not only can we survive, but we can live. Bad days occur even if everything is going well. So don’t make a bad day more then what it is. It’s just a bad day but there is more to life then one bad day or situation. Jenn’s guidance helps to make that thought more of a reality. Acceptance is the truest form of self love. You can’t help others, until you are able to help and heal yourself. I would highly recommend anyone going through estrangement to consider using Jenn.

- G.H.

Jen is fabulous. In her calm, non-judgmental way, she made a difference from day 1. I had ideas to implement and perspectives to reflect on and much compassion for the way I felt after some difficult years with my daughter.  Our sessions helped me see that I decide how I think and feel, regardless of the circumstances in my life. I now feel more empowered and positive about my future, my daughter’s and my ability to navigate the coming years regardless of the status of my relationship with my daughter.

- J.V.

I really didn't think I could feel better after so many years of estrangement and especially because I had already read all the books and been to therapy. My anger and sadness seemed too big to deal with or ever get past. It took time but I'm not angry anymore and I can even say that I"m excited about my future now. I know this couldn't have happened without Jenn's coaching. She never judged me but she told me the truth, was really supportive and believed in me. I'm so glad I worked with Jenn and learned so much. I'm proud of who I am now.. The craziest thing is that now all of my relationships are a lot better!

- M.L.

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The phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).