• Better sleep - brain isn't on overdrive processing estrangement

  • More time (some moms spend 10-15 hours a week "stalking" their child's social media and agonizing over how to fix things)

  • Improved and supportive family relationships

  • Strengthened friendships and confidence to build new ones

  • Realistic goals for a fulfilling life in all areas

  • A tangible plan you can believe in for any situation

And in ways that are PRICELESS:

  • New skills to cope with anything that comes up

  • Freedom from self-blame, guilt, and shame 

  • Tools to make confident decisions aligned with your values

  • No more questioning why and how did this happen

  • Life with increased self-worth even if you now feel rejected

  • Finally - more peace than anger, sadness, and fear combined

  • Feel pride and be empowered by growth and accomplishment


Don't know if you should reach out to your adult child or go silent?

Worried about how you'll manage the next holiday or event?

Tired of all the drama? Not sure how to deal with family members?


Jenn was so wonderful to work with. After just one session with her, I knew that she understood exactly where I was coming from. She took me from this helpless place of despair to a place of hope and - most importantly - action. She helped me turn around some of the limiting beliefs I had and start to believe in myself again. To anyone considering investing in coaching with Jenn, I recommend you don’t hesitate. She is worth every penny, and more. 

- C.K.

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