How Life Coaching Helps Estranged Parents

I admit it. Feeling comfortable calling myself a life coach took a while. I thought people would think it's woo-woo (which I am not) or not understand what it is.

I probably thought that because that was me, before I knew better.

So here's the deal.

The type of life coaching I practice is based on both cognitive behavioral strategies and neuroscience. It's about the programs in your brain. It's not only not woo-woo, it’s very logical.

And it's perfect for estranged parents because:

Life coaching is about moving forward. So many of us feel stuck. Stuck asking why, stuck avoiding conversations that might turn to our estranged child, stuck believing the pain will always be this bad. Life coaching doesn't focus on the past any longer than necessary. It's about new possibilities. It's showing clients the bridge that can take them from here, now, to where they want to go.

Coaching is pro-active. It's not listening without action. It's about teaching skills, and applying strategies. Making plans that make sense for you. No generic one-size-fits-all guidelines. Because it's active and tailored to your situation, you can see yourself making progress.

Life coaching helps people help themselves. Once you master your new skillset, you’ll know how to find your own solutions and how to implement them. Coaching is not designed to continue on endlessly. Coaching shows you the power you have to handle anything in life..

There's so much more I could say, but here's the bottom line.

For a long time I thought life coaching was too "out there." I wasn't sure about it. Turns out, life coaching has been an amazing gift in my life. Now I want to share it with everyone and anyone it might help.

If you're tired of suffering and want to try healing in a different way, I offer a free consultation. Click here to sign up.

Live forward, amazing human mommas.

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