Navigating an Uncertain Life

The saying “nothing in life is certain” feels very true these days.

In the span of a couple weeks the world has changed due to a pandemic we regular folk didn’t see coming.

We mostly go through life without much thought of its many dangers. It’s as though we're walking along the edge of a cliff with a blindfold on. Risk is always there - we’re just blind to it.

Occasionally life events shift our blindfolds.

Maybe you've had challenging, painful family circumstances that made your blindfold slip. For me, it meant I had to look at where we’d been and learn how to continue along the cliff without falling. I had to acknowledge my frailty and ever-present lack of external control.

This time of global crisis is no different. The blindfold's been ripped off. We’re faced with scary truths: that we're never truly “safe”; that mistakes aren’t always easily fixed; that even if we do everything “right”, we’re still vulnerable. No guarantees.

Our brains encourage us to dwell on dangers and uncertainty. It's a natural response when things don't feel "normal". Like during a pandemic. Or when we have problems with adult kids.

We don't have to believe everything our brain offers. We can look at our thinking and decide if it's serving us, those around us, the situation. We can decide how we want to show up during this time. We can choose on purpose.

Life is uncertainty. Life is shaped by how we respond. Life is perspective.

We can choose to manage our minds and focus on what's true right now. For me, my family is healthy right now. I'm safe in my house, writing for you. One of my dogs is lying next to me. One of my daughters is still asleep as usual. Even though the sun is shining. 😊

We can be beautifully reminded of how interconnected we humans are - typically easy to overlook - as we reach out to help others. We can see potential improvements in medicine, food distribution, education, safety. We can observe in nature that this amazing world carries on.

Our greatest human resource is our ability to think intentionally. We can always employ our minds as the antidote to the chaos and uncertainty called life.

Mental health matters - current circumstances make that undeniably clear. Perfect physical health isn’t as valuable if we’re helplessly bombarded by painful thoughts. Physical challenges are exacerbated when belief systems are unhealthy. Relationships - all aspects of our lives - can thrive and be healed when our minds are being used to serve us.

I want the best for you. I want this to be an opportunity of strengthened connection, purpose, self-worth. I want you to feel prepared and ready to show up for your loved ones - and yourself - in ways that serve, no matter what happens.

Coaching teaches how to walk the cliff of life without the blindfold - with surety and success. I know how very needed that is right now.

So, until at least the end of April, I’m offering reduced-cost single coaching sessions for issues you’re facing during this time. Half of your payment ($25) will be donated to Feeding America, which operates over 200 food banks across the U.S.

For one hour and $50 total, possible coaching topics include:

  • Covid-19 related anxiety

  • upset that a family member hasn't made contact during this time

  • managing a strained relationship with an adult child who's had to return home

I've opened a variety of time slots - schedule here. If you can't find what you need, email me

I'm here for you, mom - and am hoping for health and strength for you, your family, our country and the world. Let's help each other. We can use this time to create a place that's not just a "return to normal" post-pandemic, but a place that's better than it was before. ❤️

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The phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-TALK (8255).